Frequently Asked Questions

Professional photography is so expensive, why am I paying so much?

That's a great question! Most people think that they are paying for the time they are in front of the camera and then I send them the pictures. But behind the scenes is where all the magic happens. I spend multiple hours touching up and finalizing your pictures. I use tools like Photoshop and Lightroom to make sure you get the best quality product when I'm done. So for example you are paying for an hour of shooting plus 3-4 hours of editing.

How long have you been doing this?

Wow, this really shows that time flies! I've been a photographer since 2012 when I finished the requirements for a certificate in photography from a local college. Since then I've done countless weddings, family shoots, and senior photos.

Do I get all the pictures you take?

I think if you got all of the pictures I took you'd be a little overwhelmed! There are bound to be pictures that may have peoples eyes closed, a little blurry, or may not make you look quite like the beautiful person I know you are. I only want to give you my best work so the elimination of unacceptable pictures is a significant part of the editing process. 

What should I wear?

It's really up to you! I'd prefer if you kept the clothing colors to a neutral tone, no hot pinks, or neon blues for example. Ask me for suggestions and I'll gladly give you some great ideas. 

Why should I choose you?

I'd hope that you choose me because you like to have fun! There are countless photographers in the area as you might have seen during your research finding a photographer. I will offer something unique, quality work, and a fun experience.  Not only that but I understand that you are probably on a budget.  I want to work with you toward a price you can afford and still receive beautiful photos you will love.  

How do I receive pictures? 

For the mini shoot, custom shoot, and engagements, you will receive the photos in a digital album.  For weddings I will still provide a digital album but will also send a personalized flash drive in the mail to you.   

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